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Life gives you unexpected opportunities when you least expect them.....

This is exactly what happened with me, giving way for starting my business. 

My name is Jayanthi, (Jay) and I am the founder of the brand Jumbora, from JMB Trends, LLC.  Being a dietitian by profession (Trust me I dont follow anything...), I couldn't pursue the career and was exploring for other opportunities to begin any new adventure.  

It all started way back few years ago, when I had sleepless nights due to personal health issues.  All over the night I would be wide awake and was trying all possible suggestions given by anyone to sleep.  Got tired of watching movies and shows, when one night a jewelry making video popped up as an advertisement.  A light bulb upon me immediately... no not for business...the thought that beads and stringing might put me to sleep... that is when I decided to start making jewelry.  When I mentioned this to my husband, he immediately supported and said he would encourage anything that I do to divert myself.  

With $50 investment, that my husband gave, bought beads and tools from Michaels and other stores and started making Earrings.  For the next couple of days, I slept peacefully after making couple of earrings and slowly I started enjoying making jewelry with my creativity and Jewelry making became my greatest passion...hidden gem among me was discovered.  Few of my friends, applauded my creation and were ready to buy from me and I started exploring different categories and options in jewelry making....making way for my New Career as a businesswoman.  I slowly started designing jewelry for all, and then started exploring options for manufacturers in India and so started including different types of Fashion jewelry in my business along with handmade jewelry.  Over a period of time, slowly I started including all different categories and metals, CZ, Antique gold etc in my business.  All my dedication and attention to details, made me gain excellent reputation and regular clients and all praise to God, I was able to incorporate clothing also in my business paving way for expansion.  Now, Jumbora is a one-stop shop for all Women's Indian Clothing and Accessories.

That being said, throughout my journey my husband stood by me in all decisions and supported me whole heartedly...even till date for putting up this website.   With the blessing of my parents, in-laws, and last but not least with my kids' support, I was able to achieve and pursue my passion till now. 

At Jumbora, the mantra is to give "Perfection Beyond Expressions, Quality Beyond Expectation."  I try to balance the Traditional with Contemporary designs across the products in order to give impeccable quality in our collection of jewelry and apparel.  My goal is to provide Jewelry and Apparel that is both beautiful and meaningful to you and connects you to your precious moments.  I want to establish similar positive and memorable connection in turn towards my clients to last a lifelong relationship with them.  I am a people person and I strongly believe "What you give..Gets back to you" ...So I give good Quality Products and get a Long lasting Friendship from my Clients....Cheers.